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I'm trying to display posts within the WP loop and am able to successfully do so with <?php query_posts('tag_id=10'); ?> Here the loop will display all posts with the tag ID of 10, but I'd also like the loop to display posts from within a Custom Post type by the same tag.

I'm able to successfully display posts with tag_id=10 that originate from a custom post type using <?php query_posts('tag_id=10&post_type=videos'); ?>

But how can I merge the two?

I gave this a shot: <?php query_posts('tag_id=10', 'tag_id=10&post_type=videos'); ?> but that had no effect (well actually it broke everything!)

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may i suggest you use instead get_posts()?


$args_t10 = array(
  'tag_id' => 10,
$postslist_t10 = get_posts( $args_t10 ); ?>

$args_t10_v = array(
   'tag_id' => 10,
   'post_type' => 'videos'
$postslist_t10_v = get_posts( $args_t10_v );

you then can merge and filter the duplicates

$postmixed = array_merge($postslist_t10, $postslist_t10_v);
$uniqueposts = array_unique(postmixed);


wp: get_posts() and parameters

php: array-unique() , array_merge

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