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I need to add a box so a client can put their own images onto a carousel type slideshow, javascript just outputs the li of each instance it finds.

However I cant find a way to create a box where the user can just press enter, add an image, press enter, add an image etc. How can I achieve this?

Many thanks

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Do you want it using wordpress ? – amit Aug 7 '12 at 8:58
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If you want to create an option page with image upload/select fields you can use the Option Framework plugin. It is straighforward and easy to use for anyone.

If you want to add upload/select fields to a wordpress page or post use Custom Fields Creator or the more powerful plugin: Advanced Custom Fields. NB you have to buy the Repeater Field add-on to be able to use one custom field as many times as you or your client want on a page or post.

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