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I need a plugin that allows user to "vote up" or click a "like" button. The plugin must use the post meta fields because the sorting for the entire site will be by the sum of votes, descending. Bonus points if the algorithm could support a trailing time period. e.g. Top "likes" for the last 90 days.

Thank you. I've examined most of the popular plugins and most of them force us to use multiple stars or do not support the post meta field in the database to allow sorting.

Please note that I am needing to sort ALL posts, not just have a widget displaying top posts.

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I was looking for something similar a while ago. Here are 2 plugins that look promising and are not included in the WP plugins repository. Note that I haven´t used them myself.

  1. ZillaLikes by ThemeZilla - Basic voting plugin. Votes are stored in postmeta table. Free.
  2. Love it Pro by Pippin´s Plugins - More options, template tags, sets cookies to prevent multiple likes. Not sure how votes are stored. Paid ($4).
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I also released a free version of Love It Pro: wordpress.org/extend/plugins/love-it –  Pippin Nov 30 '12 at 20:44

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