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I'm looking to optimize a page where I'm using several queries (with WP Query) to retrieve similar data, and I'm considering merging these queries together then filtering for relevant data once inside a loop. In one of the loops I want to not display subpages even though they are fetched with the query. I'm thinking along the lines of this -

    $query = new WP_Query();

    $query->query( 'post_type=pages' );

    // Menu, need to remove subpages here
    while ( $query->have_posts() ) : $query->the_post();
    if (!is_page(the_post());
        $menu .= '<li><a href="' . get_permalink() . '">' . get_the_title() . '</a></li>';
    endif; endwhile;

Not sure how to accurately use this statement though, any ideas?

Edit: Never mind, solved it using "if( $post->post_parent == 0) { }" after initiating the while loop.

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You could even try passing 'post_parent' => 0 to the query. In your case it would be

$query->query( 'post_type=pages&post_parent=0' );
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I want to reuse the query, that's why I want to filter the subpages first inside the loop. – Staffan Estberg Aug 6 '12 at 14:01

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