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I am displaying search results in order of number of views or recency. To set the initial search results view to "views" I have this in my code:

if( !isset($_REQUEST['sorting'])) {
    $_REQUEST['sorting'] = "views";

However, if I include this code, then if there are no matches, it still displays all of the results for that category. If I remove this code, the search results display correctly. How can I set the default view without destroying the search results? And why does this code affect it??


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A colleague of mine gave me this helpful answer, I hope it helps others:

"To answer definitively, I would need to see a bit more code. Nonetheless, WordPress does override $_REQUEST, so depending on where this code is placed, it may be overwritten. So assuming that the parameter is being passed in the URL, I would try:

if( !isset($_GET['sorting'])) { $_GET['sorting'] = "views"; } 
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