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I would like to load different right and left sidebars depending on a custom taxonomy term. If there is no term from this custom taxonomy, then just load the default sidebar.php and sidebar-right.php files.

For example, the alternate sidebars would be something like:

  • sidebar-carrots.php and sidebar-carrots-right.php
  • sidebar-apples.php and sidebar-apples-right.php
  • etc.

I know about the Widget Logic plugin, but I want more control and need to load completely different sidebar template files.

I'm sure that I could throw together something messy and functional, but I would like to know what is the best way to set that up.

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There are 2 options that comes in mind

First use a conditional statement is_tax('taxonomy-name', 'term name').

is_tax('fruits', 'apples'){
} if is_tax('fruits', 'oranges') {

Or, the second option, use a different template file instead.

taxonomy-fruits-apples.php should use


taxonomy-fruits-oranges.php should use


Hope this help

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