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I've just started learning so this might be a noob question.

Displaying Custom Fields

With a Custom Field added to the post, it's time to display your books and mood to the world. To display the Custom Fields for each post, use the the_meta() template tag. The tag must be put within The Loop in order to work. Many people add the_meta() template tag to the end of their post or in their Post Meta Data Section.

- Custom Fields on Codex

I think I'm misinterpreting the bold part but I tried to add the tag <?php the_meta(); ?> in my post and it's not showing up.

Screenshot here.

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you should add <?php the_meta(); ?> in your single.php or in other relevant file.

reference how to edit your theme files

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Actually I'm going over with the rest of the tutorial, but I was just curious why that isn't working. Does it mean something else by "post" than what I understand? – laggingreflex Aug 2 '12 at 4:17
you can't put the php code like that directly on content. unless you use a plugin of course. did you edit the file? – peteroak Aug 2 '12 at 5:00

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