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I have following types of theme options inputs, which I need to validate.

$numbers = "#1234";
$email = "abc@example.com";
$simeple_text = "How's going?";
$code = "<script type='text/javascript'></script>";

I want to know which of following tags should be used for which of the above types? I have tried to read the wordpress documentation of the following functions, but could not find the clear answer.

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There's much more than just those three functions. As it would be too much to write 5 blog posts (or even a whole book) about it, I'm just going to give you some reads as starting points:

  • One of the rare good articles on WP Tuts+ 1)
  • QueryPosts.com is the way to read source code, if you want to avoid digging into core with your IDE. 2)

1) If you wonder, why it rocks: It's written by our own @StephenHarris ;)

2) If you (are again) wonder(ing), why it rocks: It's developed by our own @Rarst ;)

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_offtopic: "little bobby tables" always gets me laughing – peteroak Aug 1 '12 at 6:02

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