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I want to use the Jetpack Carousel for all my posts without editing all of them. Is there a way to show pictures in the carousel even if they're not in a gallery?

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Adding another better solution: This displays only the first image in a gallery, linked to launch the carousel. You would make that first image, and it's caption, clearly indicate it as a link to a gallery.

Give gallery an HTML ID:

<div style="display:none">
[gallery include="111,222,333"]

Then add CSS:

#gallery-link .tiled-gallery-item { display: none; }
#gallery-link .tiled-gallery-item:first-child { display: block; }

Note: .tiled-gallery-item is the class inserted by Jetpack when Settings> Media> Image Gallery Carousel is set to Tiled Galleries.

Here's old original answer, which has some value, and works fine when launching a gallery on another post, but not on same post:

This is tested, but NOT rigorously; seems to work: write the shortcode with the images you want (attachment IDs); put it in post, but don't display it:

<div style="display:none">
[gallery include="111,222,333"]

Then you can trigger the Carousel w/ a href URL that looks like:


where "111" is the ID of the first image attachment ID you want Carousel to start with.

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Is there a way to show pictures in the carousel even if they're not in a gallery

Afaik, this isn't possible. JetPack doesn't collect all your <img> tags in a post. It converts the default [gallery] shortcode.

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