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I have a WordPress installation running since ages ago at mydomain.com. It's mostly administered by someone else, so I haven't really had to understand the inner workings of WordPress—I can create and edit content, but I don't mess around in the code.

Today I created a new site using the multi-site features, located at mydomain.com/project/. Everything went well—the site was created, I could set up the theme etc, but when I try to create the home page (i.e. simply mydomain.com/project), I can't get the URL right. No matter how I try, I'm not allowed to create a page with an empty slug, so all pages I create get something like mydomain.com/project/some-slug instead.

How do I create a page with the URL mydomain.com/project in this site?

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You can set your homepage in Wordpress by creating your page (the slug doesn't matter) and then going into Settings > Reading and selecting the page in Front page displays > Front Page setting.

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