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I have a multisite project. And then i want to change the parent domain name now. It is currently as:





So how can i change the parent domain oldsite.com into newsite.com ? So the multisites will be automatically affected as:


How can i get it?

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When cross-posting, it's nice to cross-link them... – brasofilo Jul 29 '12 at 18:13

this is a complex task (and takes even longer if you have many subsites already).

Basically allow yourself 48 hours and start by making a list of all things that will be affected such as:
- Adwords
- Google Webmaster Tools
- Google Analytics - PageRank
- Twitter / Facebook & losing all the social sharing stats
- How many domains to change
- DNS settings / cpanel settings
- 301 redirect everything

How many Subsites do you have?
You will need to make database table changes for every subsite ... manually ... you need to change wp_siteid_options for each site

Don't rely on search and replace for oldsite.com -> newsite.com
First reason is that your web host may have directory structure like /www/public_html/oldsite.com/

So any linked images or files will break if you just do a search & replace.

wp blogs
WordPress Multisite has this table you'll need to check and make changes to it.

You'll need to setup a 301 redirect for oldsite.com -> newsite.com

See also http://wordpress.damien.co/2012/05/change-your-wordpress-multi-site-domain-url/

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Serialized data must be replaced with a proper tool, like Search Replace DB. With BackupBuddy 2, I had to run this for finishing the export/import. Btw, I always do a local mirror of my Multisites with BB without much fuss. – brasofilo Jul 29 '12 at 18:40

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