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I have my wordpress blog in the root of my website (example.org) and would like to store uploaded files in a subdomain depending on type of file, for example I currently have static.example.org/images, static.example.org/video and static.example.org/audio and was trying to find a way to put uploaded files in the subdomain through the Wordpress Interface.

I've found a plugin which is quite dynamic in storing files, but it won't pass to subdomians, can anybody help or suggest anything?

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just grab the extension of the file and then place it in the physical path + something like "domains" + extension.YOURBLOG ? – edelwater Dec 28 '10 at 0:19
Which plugin were/are you using? How was your solution in the end? – user10924 Dec 7 '11 at 12:20
In the end, I was happy to store my files in a single subfolder, I didn't bother about seperating them up into music/video/images. I did this by using the method provided by @Luis in the answer above (see image: i.stack.imgur.com/9jaez.png) – tombull89 Dec 7 '11 at 12:27
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Try changing the upload path by referring to following tutorial, then use the plugin again.


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