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I already posted the same exact thing on stackoverflow without any comments or answer, i hope to get something going here:

I'm trying to change the post content of a page by hooking into "the_post" action, but the problem is that wathever i modify in there doesn't really get applied correctly.

The problem seems to come from the fact that "query->setup_postdata" creates a $pages variable and sets the content into it before calling the "the_post" hoook. So whatever changes i do to the $post object doesn't reflect in the page.

Further down the road, it seems that the "get_the_content" function which calls the "the_content" filter uses the content from $pages instead of the $post->post_content. Thus if i change the content of the post, it will not output it correctly because wordpress bases itself off something else to print out the content.

Now if i hook unto "the_content" filter and replace the text using a simple hook mechanism such as:

public function wordpress_hooks_the_title($title){
    if(get_the_ID() == 4){ return 'test title'; }
    return $title;

public function wordpress_hooks_the_content($content){
    if(get_the_ID() == 4){ return 'test content'; }
    return $content;

It works fine for the content, but the title overrides many other titles in the page such as in the menu, even if i call "get_the_ID()" which is fine because the current $post is ok...

So i'm stuck trying to find the right way and not a half and half way. I'd like to use "the_post" only or "the_content/the_title" only but only half of them work fine in each context.

What would be the right approach?


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It seems you're actually looking for the the_content filter.

add_filter('the_content', 'modify_content');
function modify_content($content) {
    global $post;
    if ($post->ID != $desired_id)
        return $content;

    $modified_content = /* modify content here */;
    return $modified_content;
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Thats what i'm already doing. –  Mathieu Dumoulin Jul 27 '12 at 13:55

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