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"Load-more" button in the activity stream page in buddypress is not working for me. If clicked means , it disappearing suddenly but no more posts are loaded.

<?php if ( bp_get_activity_count() == bp_get_activity_per_page() ) : ?>
    <li class="load-more clear">
        <a href="#more"><?php _e( 'Load More', 'buddypress' ) ?></a> &nbsp; <span class="ajax-loader"></span>
<?php endif; ?>

I want to load activities like Facebook or by means of load more button. So I tried the following code snippet got from buddypress forum

    // Change:
<li class="load-more">
    <a href="#more"><?php _e( 'Load More', 'buddypress' ); ?></a>

// For this:

<?php if ( ! bp_activity_has_more_items() ) : ?>

    <script type="text/javascript">

<?php endif; ?>

// 2) Add this at the bottom of that file:

<div class="pixelMonitor"  style="width: 1px; height: 1px; position: fixed; bottom: 0;">
<div id="loadingActivityMessage" style="background-color: white; border-radius: 7px 7px 7px 7px; bottom: 4px; display: none; float: right; height: 16px; padding: 4px 2px 4px 39px; position: fixed; width: 100px;">Loading...</div>

<script type="text/javascript">

/* Auto load more updates at the end of the page when reaching the bottom of the page */

    jq(document).ready( function() {

    iterationAllowed = true;

    function loadActivityOnScroll(){


        if ( null == jq.cookie('bp-activity-oldestpage') )
            jq.cookie('bp-activity-oldestpage', 1, {path: '/'} );

        var oldest_page = ( jq.cookie('bp-activity-oldestpage') * 1 ) + 1;

        jq.post( ajaxurl, {
            action: 'activity_get_older_updates',
            'cookie': encodeURIComponent(document.cookie),
            'page': oldest_page
            jq.cookie( 'bp-activity-oldestpage', oldest_page, {path: '/'} );
            jq("#content ul.activity-list").append(response.contents);

        }, 'json' );

        return false;



        if ( Math.round(jq('.pixelMonitor').last().offset().top) > ( jq(document).height() -500 ) && iterationAllowed === true ) {
            iterationAllowed = false;
            setTimeout('iterationAllowed = true', 3000);


}); /* Auto load more activity block ending here */


Does any one got this and get solved? Please ,

Thanks in advance.

<li class="load-more">
    <a href="#more"><?php _e( 'Load More', 'buddypress' ); ?></a>

I have added back the following code with all and now it s working when I'm clicking the Load more button but the "Loadmore..." is not showing!

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@toscho Thank You, for you code formatting .. I too tried it. – user1460692 Jul 27 '12 at 10:10
Our editing help is not easy to find … but worth a read. :) I have made a simple cheat sheet that fits into a browser sidebar. – toscho Jul 27 '12 at 10:21
I have added back the following code with all <li class="load-more"> <a href="#more"><?php _e( 'Load More', 'buddypress' ); ?></a> </li> and now it s working when I'm clicking the Load more button but the "Loadmore..." is not showing! – user1460692 Jul 27 '12 at 10:27

It needs to be inside a div with id "content" in order to work (check the buddypress global.js file to see why!)

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