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I want to make a filter width more than one tanonomy width ajax and jquery, The demo i want to code is: http://gycweb.org/resources/ I have tried to code with this demo: http://dinhkk.com/demo/ajaxfilter/

The problem is i can send in formation from two menu on right sidebar to the ajax data at the same time

can any one help me the solution ??

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The link to the demo you posted is not working. Can you post here the code you are trying? – cybmeta Sep 20 '13 at 8:08

I believe WordPress can handle multiple query parameter by default.

You can load http://wordpresssite.com/?taxonomy-1=term-a&?taxonomy-2=term-b to query all post that belongs to term a (in taxonomy 1) AND term b (in taxonomy 2).

Use JQuery load() function to load the intended query parameter, based on the selected item on the sidebar.

Hope this help.

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