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I'm using the JSON API plugin to display my blog posts on my mobile website. I've got everything working as I'd like, however the the date displays in this format:

 2012-03-21 20:03:30

However, I'd like it to display like so. Or something similar.:

 March 21, 2012

This is the Javascript I'm using to display the blog posts:

 var MYBLOG_LIMIT = 7;
    var MYWRAPPER_CLASS = 'homeblog';

    var WP={open:function(b){var a={posts:function(){var d=MYBLOG_LIMIT;var e=0;var c={all:function(g){var f=b+"/api/get_recent_posts/";f+="?count="+d+"&page="+e+"&callback=?";jQuery.getJSON(f,function(l){var k=l.posts;for(var j=0;j<k.length;j++){var h=k[j];h.createComment=function(i,m){i.postId=h.id;a.comments().create(i,m)}}g(k)})},findBySlug:function(f,h){var g=b+"/api/get_post/";g+="?slug="+f+"&callback=?";jQuery.getJSON(g,function(i){h(i.post)})},limit:function(f){d=f;return c},page:function(f){e=f;return c}};return c},pages:function(){var c={findBySlug:function(d,f){var e=b+"/api/get_page/";e+="?slug="+d+"&callback=?";jQuery.getJSON(e,function(g){f(g.page)})}};return c},categories:function(){var c={all:function(e){var d=b+"/api/get_category_index/";d+="?callback=?";jQuery.getJSON(d,function(f){e(f.categories)})}};return c},tags:function(){var c={all:function(e){var d=b+"/api/get_tag_index/";d+="?callback=?";jQuery.getJSON(d,function(f){e(f.tags)})}};return c},comments:function(){var c={create:function(f,e){var d=b+"/api/submit_comment/";d+="?post_id="+f.postId+"&name="+f.name+"&email="+f.email+"&content="+f.content+"&callback=?";jQuery.getJSON(d,function(g){e(g)})}};return c}};return a}};

var blog = WP.open('http://www.endofphotography.com/');

        for(var i = 0; i < posts.length; i++){
        return (posts[i].content) ? '<div class="lastpost_title" href="'+posts[i].url+'"><h4>'+posts[i].title+'</h4></div><div href="'+posts[i].url+'">'+posts[i].content+'<br>'+posts[i].date+'</div><br><hr><br>' : '<div href="'+posts[i].url+'"><h4>'+posts[i].date+'</h4></div>';

I've scoured the web for an answer and Stack Overflow as well, but I believe the solution is going to be 'hacking' the plugin somehow.

Thanks in advance!

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I voted to close this because time conversion is a PHP or JavaScript question. – Wyck Jul 27 '12 at 5:57
True, although the answer may well be specific to the Wordpress JSON API plugin. The mods can make the call. – Paul Jul 27 '12 at 13:00
Stackexchange doesn't work like that, anyone over a certain rep can vote to close/open questions, wordpress.stackexchange.com/privileges/close-questions – Wyck Jul 27 '12 at 16:05