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I have downloaded and installed Easy Nivo Slider and incorporated it with Next Gen Gallery. I got it up and running, but I was wondering if anyone was able to get the "caption" / description to appear?

If no one has managed, I was wondering if anyone has used Nivo Slider for Wordpress?

The reason I switched to Easy Nivo is that it can use multiple "folders" in different pages. Whereas, it looks like Nivo Slider for Wordpress is limited to one "folder".

If anyone knows how to get Nivo Slider for Wordpress to work with Next Gen Gallery, or at least create folders with its images, it's much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

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This was modified. Since I couldn't use either versions, I just used the base of manually setting up a jQuery Nivo Slider plugin but twisted to use Next Gen Gallery's database to retrieve basic images.
The database retrieval that I specifically called are the filenames, the ids, and the description which is:

wp_ngg_gallery.gid = wp_ngg_pictures.galleryid 
wp_ngg_pictures.galleryid ='2';

Where galleryid = '2' is pretty much the folder that I want to retrieve the images from.

Hopefully this can be modified some more to be more sleek and easier to manipulate. But this does what I need it to do for now.

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