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I would like to build a WordPress theme that displays customized previews of the latest posts from different categories on the site homepage.

For example:

  • a video post would display a small video player
  • a photo post would display a crop of the photo
  • a text post would display the first few words of the post

(This would be styled to display in a grid, so an existing theme that does that would be a great starting point, but I don't think that's important.)

Is there a theme out there that implements this in the recommended way? I want to get this working in a WordPress-approved manner, so my hackery survives when I upgrade.

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You're not looking at "different types of posts," you're looking at post formats. The format types are standardized in core (i.e. video, photo, default), but the presentation of these formats is 100% up to the theme.

That is, there is no "WordPress-approved manner" or standard for presenting previews of post formats.

There are, however, great examples of post formats in the wild:

If you need specific examples of how to implement differing presentations in your own theme, please feel free to ask a new question.

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Oh, if only it were so. I am instead looking at a bunch of custom post types. All of my posts are "Standard" format. I think this may deserve a more honest question, perhaps "how do I develop a theme for an existing WordPress site that's been heavily modified but poorly documented?" I just hope the answer is not "Give up." – Martin Burch Jul 23 '12 at 22:37

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