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(This is my first time posting here, so would appreciate if anyone could let me know the best way to post questions).

Until now, I had been using TwentyEleven Theme and adding "Options Framework - http://wptheming.com/options-framework-theme/". It works great and I wish to continue using it.

However I found a better base theme Hybrid Core (http://themehybrid.com/hybrid-core), through which I could better management my development.

I wanted suggestions if its good to combine "Options Framework" & "Hybrid Core" for theme development considering Hybrid already has its own way of adding meta boxes to the Theme Options page.

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Unless Options Framework has some gnarly features that knock Hybrid out the water, I would simply... move on ;)

Taking the time to learn a new framework beats the hell out of the idea of merging & then maintaining two - I just think it'd cause more headaches in the long run than it might solve at the beginning.

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Thanks. I guess you are right, will have to spend more time working with Hybrid to understand it better. – Harish Chouhan Jul 22 '12 at 18:29

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