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I'm trying to implement the script shown here: http://hybridauth.sourceforge.net/userguide/Integrating_HybridAuth_SignIn.html To allow people to sign in with Google to my site. However I am getting 302 moved, or "headers already started" errors. I suspect it has something to do with paths; whereas the hybridauth code is in my theme folder (thats the only way I can include it, or am I wrong?) the callback API can't access /wp-content/themes and so on. Does anyone have any advice on these and what to do?

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You could use a plugin I believe? In that case, you can try WordPress Social Login which is based on the HybridAuth Library (which you already seem to be using) and Social Connect plugin.

As of now, the plugin supports some 20 services including Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Windows Live, Foursquare, Linkedin, and Tumblr, among others.

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