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I've got two wp_nav_menu's defined - main and sub. The backend menu editor lets me add pages or categories or custom links to my menu, and I can place them under existing pages/categories/links.

However, I want to add my sub pages to the sub menu, and then be able to add that sub menu as a whole item to my main menu.

That way, if I change up what's in my sub menu, I don't also have to go change my main menu too, see what I mean. Nice and DRY. Useful if I have my submenu in multiple places (like as a drop down from the main menu, plus on a detail page in the sidebar.)

Is this possible? Is there a plug in or custom function? Thanks.

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You could perhaps accomplish this via a custom walker, but I suggest you try a single menu containing submenus and display the submenus in other contexts by outputting just that branch of the main menu. see Display a portion/ branch of the menu tree using wp_nav_menu(), specifically this answer.

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Hmmm, interesting approach, I didn't think of that, I guess it can work, but it's still rather complex, especially for end users. I was hoping to find a way to add an "add menu" metabox with a dropdown of other menues. If I don't get a closer answer I'll credit your answer as a possible alternate solution. – Jeff Jul 17 '12 at 16:12

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