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How do I validate an array of emails from a textbox before sending them to the wp_mail function?

$emails = 'test@test.com;test2@test2.com
email3@email3.com,email4@email4.com, email5.com';

$emails = preg_split('/[;,\n]/', $emails);
$validEmails = array();
$subject = 'Hey Subject';
$message = 'I am a message';

foreach($emails as $key=>$value){
  if (is_email($value)) {
    array_push($validEmails, $value);

wp_mail($validEmails, $subject, $message, $headers);

The kinda sample code above stops on the if (is_email()) condition. Was wondering how I can validate each email in the array whichever way before sending to the mail function.

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Are you aware you can pass a comma-separated string of email adresses to wp_mail?

// Make sure your email strings only uses comma as a separator
$emails = preg_replace('~[,;\s]+~', ',', $emails);

Then just throw that string into wp_mail’s first argument. Depending on exactly what you want to do with the emails, this approach may be sufficient.

The wp_mail function internally relies on the PHPMailer library (unless you use a redefined wp_mail function). PHPMailer validates the email before adding it to the recipient list. Invalid emails will be skipped.

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I was aware that you could use comma-seperated string but because i was using explode function to get emails from text box, i was running into the problems mentioned above. Thanks very much, much appreciated Geert. – Loxzibit Jul 16 '12 at 13:25

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