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A theme I am developing depends on there being a static front page. However, there seems to only be one global option to change if front page is static. So when I go to preview the theme, it won't work because the front-page option is off. But I don't want to change the front-page option because the live site will be affected.

Is there a way to change that setting only when certain themes are being viewed?

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What I did was this: I just manually coded index.php to be a copy/paste of page.php, pulled the right page from the DB, and echo'ed the content. A code snippet below:

<?php $main_page = get_page_by_title( 'What We Do' ); ?>
<h1><center><?php echo $main_page->post_title; ?></center></h1>

<?php echo $main_page->post_content; ?>

This way my theme works regardless of the front_page options. I realize my code snippet may have details that can be improved, but the spirit of the idea is what I needed to get first.

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