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How can i get search results from two different blogs [ www.mysite.com and www.blog.mysite.com ] using a single search form.

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It depends on the setup; if they are setup as multisite, check this plugin: Multisite Global Search

If that doesn't work, I'd try custom Google search. They should allow you to search on both sites.

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I tried Barry's idea!

I can retrive search results by switching two databases, but i cant show combined results. For example i have to show results from first blog and then i have to show the next blog's results.

I find pagination for the search results also difficult. So Google custom search is the easy and possible solution for this.

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The other option would be to write a custom page where it searches one db switches db's search again and switch back. (or table prefix)

But without more information about your setup.

I'd go for Google Custom Search

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Thanks guys! I would like to try Barry's idea. – Lakshmanan PHP Jul 18 '12 at 12:18

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