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i have a "Default Page Generator" on theme activation i have created...
in that file i set 'menu_order' for each page.

i want to exclude pages with menu order bigger then 50 from the default wp_list_pages menu

Is there a way to check for / retrieve 'menu_order' of each page? and if there is can you think of a way to intergrate it into the wp_list_pages function?

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Declare the following function in your functions.php

function wpse58346_wp_list_pages( $pages, $r ) {
    foreach( $pages as $key => $page ) {
        if ( 50 < $page->menu_order )
    return $pages;

Now before calling wp_list_pages() apply a filter as follows

add_filter('get_pages', 'wpse58346_wp_list_pages', '', 2);

And after you have called wp_list_pages() you can remove the filter so that it doesn't mess with some other funcctionality

remove_filter('get_pages', 'wpse58346_wp_list_pages');
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gr8 job man... easy to implement and easy to use - thanks :) – Sagive SEO Aug 1 '12 at 21:39

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