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Probly easy question but just cant seem to find whats wrong. I cant build a query based on a search when i use ' ' but not when i use a alrdy declared variable.

This works

$query2 = new WP_Query( 's='motorkap met' );
 while( $query2->have_posts() ) {
echo the_title();?> </br> <?php

This doesnt for some reason.... I cant seem to find how to pass the already declared variable

$zoekterm = removeCommonWords('motorkap met'); 

$query2 = new WP_Query( 's=$zoekterm' );
 while( $query2->have_posts() ) {
echo the_title();?> </br> 

Very stupid I know but been searching for over 2 hours alrdy :( must be passing it wrong somehow tried everything from echo, to just $zoekterm to 's='$zoekterm' ' etc...

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Did you try "s=$zoekterm" too? Note the double quotes. – toscho Jul 12 '12 at 18:25
just tried didnt work – Bram Jul 12 '12 at 18:32
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Assuming removeCommonWords() returns a string, you can do the following:

$zoekterm = removeCommonWords('motorkap met'); 

$query2 = new WP_Query( 
        's' => $zoekterm

while( $query2->have_posts() ) {
    echo the_title() . '</br> ';

Sometimes the array notating is more useful than the string notation ...

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thanks a lot, this works could have taken me ages to find... Fast question now that I got your attention how do I set it that it only searches the title and not content. If thats alright to ask, don't want to be a gimme the code guy. Ill go on google search hunt if needed. Very happy that this works alrdy. – Bram Jul 12 '12 at 18:50

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