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My widget has a lot of dependent plugins, and disabling one of the plugins results in erratic behavior throughout my entire WP installation.

I've been trying to use the function is_plugin_active('Widget_Class_Name') with little to no luck thus far. Is there an effective way to remove the widget altogether if one of its dependent plugins are inactive?

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well first of all, is_plugin_active takes the name of the plugin sub-directory/file, so passing it a classname won't work. I'm not sure why you're passing anything widget related if you're checking for plugins your widget depends on.

other options are php's class_exists and function_exists to check if plugin functions your widget uses exist. check in the widgets init hook and don't register your widget if a class or function it depends on doesn't exist.

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I actually meant to talk about unregister_widget("Widget_Class_Name") - sorry about that. – Jim Johnson Jul 12 '12 at 17:17

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