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I've built a Wordpress template file in my custom theme that displays a directory of members from a custom PHP file powered by a MYSQL database. This allows each member to be displayed on a different page displayed from this template.

I want to display a contact form powered by Gravity Forms on each member page- all using the same Gravity Form. This way people can send an email to the member through that member's profile page and in a way that keeps their email address private.

I was hoping to just use a shortcode but Gravity Form shortcodes does not give the ability to change the notification email address.

I could use a Gravity Forms function, but how do I change the notification email within a function?

The email address is already set as a PHP string but is set from a non-WordPress included file.

I did research this question including at the Gravity Forms support forum but without success. One option recommended to me was to send the notification email address as a hidden field in the form. I want to avoid this because I want to keep this email private. There may be other options open to me but as I am new to Gravity Forms and WordPress I could do with some help!


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Either of these filters should help you:

  1. gform_autoresponder_email - Sent to User
  2. gform_notification_email - Sent to Admin
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Thanks, I think gform_notification_email is the one to use. The issue is since this filter has to be added to my functions.php file, how do I pass the string containing the email address of the member to gform_notification_email ? –  baritoneuk Jul 12 '12 at 9:55
Check the documentation man! –  Rutwick Gangurde Jul 12 '12 at 10:25
I have read the documentation, but it doesn't make it clear what I have to do in this case. That was why I was asking the question here. I don't see how I can pass a variable from a PHP script to Gravity forms by using the functions.php file. I am new to WordPress and was hoping that I could find some help here. Thanks. –  baritoneuk Jul 12 '12 at 11:59
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