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I'm looking for a way to delete default category functionality in wordpress but after i delete the default category in wp_terms table in mysql database, it automatically assigns default category to another category.

Does anyone know how to achieve this?

Thank you for any help.

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Impossible. WordPress requires a default category, that’s hard coded.

If you need a taxonomy without default value – create a custom taxonomy.

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Thank you very much for your help. No wonder i couldn't find that information in google. Actually i was using wp_insert_post to insert my post, the new post was always assigned to both default category and my intended category. I have added mysql_query("DELETE FROM wp_term_relationships WHERE term_taxonomy_id = '1'"); to delete the term_taxonomy in wp_term_relationships table, so now i have resolve my problem without actually having to removing the default category feature of wordpress. – Pam Apple Jul 12 '12 at 11:58

I was able to achieve this by manually removing the record in the database, if I recall correctly it was located in wp_terms but I could be wrong.

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yes, you can always delete the default category in wp_terms, but after it is deleted, WP automatically assign the default category to another existing category – Pam Apple Jul 11 '12 at 11:32

If nothing else, you can change the default category from "uncatogorized" to "news" or something relevant for your use.

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