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I have the nostalgia theme from themeforest. I am trying to convert it to multilingual using qtranslate, which it does translate the links and the page names, but for some reason it brings me back the default content when I call the page.

On function: theme_get_content() I have the following line:

$result["html"] = do_shortcode(get_the_content());

Which returns the default content. The page is called a little bit unorthodox though in the theme:

<a href="' . ($custom_url!="" ? $custom_url : '#!/' . $post->post_name) . '" class="nostalgia-menu-item nostalgia-menu-item-' . $post->post_name . '">' . get_the_title() . '</a>';

that results in:

 query_posts("name=" . $_GET["name"] . "&post_type=page");

How do I get qtranslate to work with the $result["html"] line? Any help?

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