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I don't know if my question is clear.this image might make it clear.

I want to add and remove some options in the circled section of the image.


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And what have you tried? (code) – its_me Jul 7 '12 at 15:56
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I believe you might be talking about adding plugin_action_links such as,

Settings | Deactivate | Delete | Visit Site

As seen on the Plugin management page for all plugins.

I was going to take an example from one of my plugins however here is an example that's much simpler to follow from Pippin via guest post at WPMods HERE and if you don't know Pippin, he's one to follow for all things Plugin Development.

function our_plugin_action_links($links, $file) {
    static $this_plugin;

    if (!$this_plugin) {
        $this_plugin = plugin_basename(__FILE__);

    // check to make sure we are on the correct plugin

    if ($file == $this_plugin) {

        // the anchor tag and href to the URL we want. For a "Settings" link, this needs to be the url of your settings page

        $settings_link = '<a href="' . get_bloginfo('wpurl') . '/wp-admin/admin.php?page=font-uploader.php">Settings</a>';

        // add the link to the list

        array_unshift($links, $settings_link);

    return $links;

add_filter('plugin_action_links', 'our_plugin_action_links', 10, 2);

Fairly self explanatory (see inline comments for a break down of whats occurring). You can also add more than one link if your plugin requires it.

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