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I followed this tutorial to add a menu item to navigation menu to link to external site:


I copied the snippet of code to my theme's header.php I created a page with the name having the text that I want to appear in the navigation I added a custom field to the page called redirect and placed the link url into the value field.

And then tested and the link never appears in the menu.

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Are you trying to navigate to an external page or redirect? (Also, bear in mind that was posted almost 3 years ago...in websites and technology in general, that's an eternity!)

You could always just add a custom link to the WordPress menu under Appearance->Menus. Just make sure you add support in the functions.php file.


And here for adding theme support: http://codex.wordpress.org/Navigation_Menus

This is how you would add functional support:

//setup the dynamic navigation
if (function_exists(register_nav_menus)){
                "main_nav" => "Main Navigation Menu"

Then go to the admin panel->Appearance->Menus, and add your external link there.

Then in your template, you would call it like so:

<?php wp_nav_menu(array('menu' => 'Main Nav Menu')); ?>

This is, ofcourse, what you were looking for

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