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I'm running wordpress locally on on mac osx lion. All links work fine. Problem is when I add pages, and set permalinks to the page, and then associate the page with one of my template themes, as shown in this link below:


I get this:

Not Found The requested URL /gps-products was not found on this server.

Now I have the same code (including the htaccess file) and same database on two different macs running lion, and it works fine on one but not the other, so I believe the issue is related to the apache configuration.

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Close-voted as off-top since this deals specifically with server configuration. This might get more attention at Server Fault or Stack Overflow. – Brian Fegter Sep 21 '12 at 7:07

This is really an Apache and OS X question and not specifically WordPress, but you may need to edit Apache's httpd.conf file to allow .htaccess files to work on the one Mac.

Go to /etc/apache2/ (That's for 10.6; Lion may be different) with the Finder's Go >> Go to Folder... menu item (or via terminal) and edit httpd.conf and uncomment the instances of AllowOverride All in one or more <Directory ...> blocks. There may be several. Then restart Apache or reboot the Mac.

See http://akrabat.com/php/setting-up-php-mysql-on-os-x-10-7-lion/ for the whole process, including editing httpd.conf

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