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Quick, simple. I have front-page.php working in Wordpress, and these loops over the main loop for my latest posts. The problem is the pagination template.

When I get to site.com/page/2, it shows the same file template front-page.php, but with the second round of posts. What I want is to show other file template, like paged.php, but not even archive.php or date.php shows up.

Is there a code for this, instead of writing if (!is_paged()) wrapping the entire front-page.php?

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Add a filter to frontpage_template and check the paged query var, adding your own template when it's beyond the first page. I use paged.php in this example:

function wpa56889_template_filter( $templates = '' ){
    $paged = get_query_var( 'paged' );
    if( $paged > 1 ) :
        if( !is_array( $templates ) && !empty( $templates ) ) :
            $templates = locate_template( array( "paged.php", $templates ), false );
        elseif( empty( $templates ) ) :
            $templates = locate_template( "paged.php", false );
        else :
            $new_template = locate_template( array( "paged.php" ) );
            if( !empty( $new_template ) ) array_unshift( $templates, $new_template );
    return $templates;
add_filter( 'frontpage_template', 'wpa56889_template_filter' );

Note the Filter Hierarchy Codex entry incorrectly lists the filter as front_page_template, but the function that applies this filter appears to sanitize the underscore from the variable before calling it, making it just frontpage_template.

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Excellent! Thanks. – DarkGhostHunter Jun 29 '12 at 2:14

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