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I'm using the Plugin List Category to show a list of posts and I use it with the parameters:

[catlist name=talleres thumbnail=yes thumbnail_size=52,52 excerpt=yes customfield_display=featured]

But it doesn't show anything for the custom fields. I tried with different parameters, still nothing. Does anyone have an idea, do I have the syntax wrong?

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anyone can help me on this. why my customfields don't show?? –  bilyana Jul 1 '12 at 11:24

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still don't know what exactly fixed it. but now it's all right. i have also found another way to show custom fields: if you want to show a specific field in a specific place, in the CartListDisplayer.php, add to the function lcp_build_post anywhere you like: $lcp_display_output .= get_post_meta($single->ID, 'featured', true);

where featured is the name of yuor custom field. Hope it can help someone.

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