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Currently my theme calls upon get_comments_link() to create the standard anchor #comments to link to the comments below the post, as does the get_comments_pagenum_link() function on paginated comments.

I would like to replace the #comments anchor in these functions with any other string, without of course changing WP's core php files.

A simple add_filter to completely replace core functions (other than in pluggable.php) doesn't seem to be possible. Are there any other ways of achieving this small change to the output of a core function, that use PHP (rather than say Java)? Is there a way here of using an add_filter with str_replace() perhaps?

This will be useful for foreign language sites, and for redirecting comments to another page with a url request, for example.

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So the solution to the get_comments_pagenum_link() function is straightforward enough:

add_filter('get_comments_pagenum_link' , 'new_get_comments_pagenum_link');
function new_get_comments_pagenum_link($content) {
    $content = str_ireplace('#comments' , '#other', $content);
    return $content;

Which filters the output of get_comments_pagenum_link() to replace #content with #other, or any other string you might choose.

For the get_comments_link() function, which can't be filtered, I have simply discovered that my WordPress theme uses it already within its own comments link function, and so have filtered this theme function instead, using the same method shown above.

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For the function get_comments_link() no such filter exists. You might want to use an alternative function called get_comment_link() which has a filter: get_comment_link.

For the function get_comments_pagenum_link() a filter exists: get_comments_pagenum_link.

To learn about how filters work please see Plugin API (Wordpress Codex). The information there should answer all question about how to use add_filter().

As the link is a string in PHP, you can use any of the PHP string functions to locate, extract and replace stuff. Full list of PHP String functions (PHP Manual).

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Thanks for the tip. My solution is below. – maduroblanco Dec 20 '10 at 17:45

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