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My user post a new custom type "artprim_item" and it doesn't work unless I remove permalinks. The item is created, but the permalink links to "item not found".

More importantly, if I open the item with my admin account and update it, the permalink works at last.

Since I only want him to see "artprim_item" and no "page, posts, links...)" , this user has a role that I created with limited capacities:

  • delete_artprim_item
  • edit_artprim_item
  • edit_artprim_items
  • edit_others_artprim_items
  • publish_artprim_items
  • read_artprim_item
  • read_private_artprim_items
  • upload_files
  • edit_files
  • read

Is there a capacities to create permalinks?

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Found that it works if I add the edit_posts capacity.

But Posts is now visible in Admin :(

At the same time, it also fixed a problem I had with Media upload: the user could never edit right after the upload.

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