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I have worpdress 3.4 multisite subdirectory set-up. (eg: example.com\username) I also have a buddypress installation installed as a secondary blog.(eg: example.com/community) http://codex.buddypress.org/getting-started/install-buddypress-on-a-secondary-blog/ All settings found in the above apply to my installaiton of Buddypress. Now, I would like users to register to example.com using example.com/wp-signup.php page so that they can create a new site and a new account. Unfortunately this is not possible as users are re-directed to example.com/community/register

If I disbale buddypress though then users can create a site + account using example.com/wp-signup.php page. (eg: example.com/username)

What setting should I apply for the above to be true considering that buddypress is intalled as a second blog?

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