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I was editing a wordpress theme. Where i need to replace default wp login link with custom login link.

Problem is, comment_reply_link() function is returning the default link. And i dont want to edit wp-include/comment-template.php

Is there any other way, so that without manipulation of any wordpress file i can replace the default login url.

I already had tried

apply_filters('login_url', $login_url,get_permalink());

before calling comment_reply_link(). But it is not filtering resulting URL.

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you can simple make a check if user is logged in and show him the reply button, if is not you can show him a custom link to your login file.

something like this:

<?php if ( !is_user_logged_in() ) : ?>
    <a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/login"><?php _e('Reply', 'artdev'); ?></a>
<?php else : ?>
    <?php comment_reply_link() ?>
<?php endif ?>  
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I am not sure if you copy/pasted wrong line or misunderstanding how to add filter. apply_filters() runs actual hook, to attach your function to the hook you use add_filter().

It should be something like that:


function custom_login_url($login_url) {

    return 'your url';
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