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I have at the very top of my page a line of text within a h1 tag thet I use for seo reasons. the text and html around it is written in my header.php. but I would like to write differnet txt so it appears different on each page for seo reasons. for example:

  • homepage- line of text reads builders in lancaster, builders in morecambe etc
  • plastereing page- line of text reads plasterers in lancaster, plasterers in morecambe etc
  • roofing page - line of text reads roofing in lancaster, roofing in morecambe etc

I know there is the Widget Logic Plugin but that's for widgets and not the main header.php. Is there a line of code I can write in header.php to do what the widget logic would do.

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Which theme are you using? Why not use the page title for it? – Sisir Jun 21 '12 at 17:36

Of course, use this: http://codex.wordpress.org/Conditional_Tags#A_PAGE_Page


if(is_page('Contact Us')){
//contact us h1...
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