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The going through the mu functions source I come across references to two different ids for sub-blogs - site id and blog ids. In what context is each used?

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  • site_id = the ID of the parent site (the domain, eg. wordpress.com)
  • blog_id = the ID of the parent site's blog(s) (usually sub-domains, eg mary.wordress.com)
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Yep. the admin are use of the word site is not the same as the db use of the word site. – andrea_r Dec 18 '10 at 23:12
I just wanted to add my own note in here for anyone who stumbles on this. wp_site has the main site in MU, and wp_blogs contains sub-sites. – Shawn Jan 9 '14 at 20:42

In a Multisite install (and also since WordPress 3), you can have a several blogs (identified in the database model by blog_id) within one site (identified in the database model by site_id).

The thing that I found confusing in this context, though, is that most of WordPress code and documentation will use a terminology that differs from the database model. They refer to a blog using the word site, and to a site using the word network.

For example, this section of the Codex refers to the Site URL (as defined in the WP_SITEURL constant), which really is the URL of the blog URL in multisite context.

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