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I'm looking for some options for creating a horizontal flyout/rollover menu from the WordPress categories listing when category items have child nodes.

Ideally, all in css, but I can include javascript or enqueue jQuery too.

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A lot of themes have a menu like this. The CSS I'm usually using (I left the visual stuff like colors out):

(assumming the container is a div and its class is .nav)

/* 1st level items are layed out horizontally */
.nav li{

/* level 2+ */
.nav ul ul{

/* level 3+ */
.nav ul ul ul{

/* 2nd level+ items vertically */
.nav li li{
  float: none;

/* when mouse over a list item, show its child nodes */
.nav li:hover ul, .nav li li:hover ul,
.nav li li li:hover ul, .nav li li li li:hover ul{

/* related to the above property, hide the child's child nodes :) */
.nav li:hover ul ul, .nav li:hover ul ul ul,
.nav li:hover ul ul ul ul{

You can also use superfish on the list to apply some nice effects to the menu and to make it work in IE 6.

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Sweet! I'll check it out. – Scott B Dec 18 '10 at 16:10

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