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My home page feed has a variety of items including a featured post and other features that I'd only like present on the home feed. When a user clicks on pagination to load older posts, I'd like to load up a new page template without all the home page bells and whistles. Is there a WP template file I'm overlooking or is this not supported?

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Consider using the is_home() conditional tag to check whether or not the home page is being displayed or not.

if ( is_home() ) {
    // This is a homepage
    // Do your fancy loop here with extra bells and whistles
} else {
    // This is not a homepage (i.e. paginated page)
    // Do a stripped down version of your loop above with no bells and whistles

Reference to is_home on the WordPress Codex

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Awesome. Combo'd this with the is_paged function and worked perfectly. If on the home page and NOT paged (!is_paged()) then load up all home page elements. – cqde Jun 20 '12 at 7:04

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