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I have seen on some wordpress themes that if the browser width is less, the normal menu becomes a select menu. Can someone tell me how it is done? I know there is a plugin for that, but I want to know how to implement it in the theme without plugin. Thanks

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I think the plugin you mention is the one I wrote so if you're looking for answer on how to do it take a look at the code. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/dropdown-menus/

Essentially all I did was create a custom menu walker class so I could output the menus created in the backend as a dropdown.

If it helps my plugin can actually be packaged within in a theme and included via the functions.php. Just wrap the include in a !function_exists('dropdown_menu') test and you're good.

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This is achieved via CSS Media Queries, see Twitter Bootstrap as an example. You'll find many resources if you search for "responsive" design.

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