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I'm looking to create a membership-based website and I'm new to WordPress so its been a headache trying to look for free plugins that can

creates 3 levels of membership (non-members, members, and premium members) limit access to certain pages/functionality of the site to members/premium members Also can't find a good plugin for customizable registration form

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Closing as "not a real question." You appear to be asking us to do a search for you. If you edit your question to detail where you've already looked and why possible solutions you've rejected (and why) I will reopen it. – EAMann Jun 19 '12 at 21:14
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Did you, by any chance, look up "wordpress membership plugin" on Google? The first link is for the Membership plugin on WordPress.org. You only need 2 levels of membership (members and premium), as regular users will be non-members by default. I suggest you do a Google search for "wordpress custom user registration" as well, because you'll find a free plugin for your second issue there.

tl;dr - LMGTFY

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