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Quick question, I have a custom options page which posts to options.php, however I have a few sections to my options page where i change the post url like so: <form action='options.php?section=sectionname' ..>

when the options page reloads I need to check which section was just saved i.e. get the sectionname from the querystring, however the options.php page redirects to the options-general.php page and does not retain my query string.

can anyone think of either a way to retain the QS or tell me a better way to do this?


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How about putting the current section in a hidden form field inside each section, and then when you reload the page, check $_POST['section']?

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I've found a way around it in the end as you mentioned using the hidden field and a jquery click to set it then using get_option(...).. as i'm using custom options. – Alex Jun 18 '12 at 18:02

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