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I am using the Event Calendar for PHP 5.3 plugin.

I have a set of regional categories, ex. Coastal. I want to put a calendar on each region page, and I want that calendar to only show events from that region.

How can I limit the calendar to only show posts associated with that region? Or better yet, to only show posts from the category archive the calendar is displayed on?

This is the code you can add to a template file to call the calendar in, but there is no documentation on the plugin site to explain how to add to or alter this code to different purposes:

<?php ec3_get_calendar();?>

This problem has also been posted on the Wordpress.org forum for a couple months with no solution. Any hint at a possible solution would be greatly appreciated.


Someone has been trying to help me on the Wordpress.org Forums, but I don't understand them. Please take a look at the support forum and help me out. Maybe you can understand what they are trying to tell me and explain it to me in a way that I can understand.

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