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I have several custom post types, which are properly structured as /%post_type%/%postname%/, however I wish to have the same effect for regular blog entries: /blog/%postname%/

If I prepend the permalink structure with /blog/ it affects the custom post types as well, so currently my permalink structure is simply /%postname%/

Which is the recommended way of doing this? I had a solution involving some rewrites, but the permalink shown in the post editor area does not reflect it.

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Set the 'with_front' parameter for the post type’s slug to FALSE:

'rewrite'    => array (
    'slug'       => 'posttypeslug',
    'with_front' => FALSE
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Great answer thank you so much! Was wracking my brain on this one. – Jake Rocheleau May 4 '13 at 21:26

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