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Can NextGEN Gallery be used to display a list of images passed to it? Is there another plugin that can do this?

I'm somewhat new to WordPress. I've written some php code to display a set of images in a sidebar. (The set of images is stored in the meta for the single post shown on the page.) When the user clicks on any of the images in the sidebar, can I get NextGEN to display the images starting with the one clicked, just as if the user had clicked on an image in a gallery displayed by using [nggallery id=x].



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Personally, I find NextGen way too heavy, sometimes is easier to write up something and use WordPress features.

Do you want display images from post, display thumbs in sidebar that when clicked lead to a slider or post or both?

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I want to display pictures (size approx 250px by 220px) in a column in a sidebar with some text of up to about 20 words below each picture. When clicked the action leads to a slider (NextGEN or something else that has some nice effects, i.e. so it doesn't look basic). –  Mojo Jun 14 '12 at 10:27
OK Following some more research what I think I need is a slider plugin that allows me to display images passed to it in a list/array/etc –  Mojo Jun 14 '12 at 14:49
What about this: Create posts in category "gallery". In those posts attach images, them in your sidebar you use a code to get the first thumb from every post in "galery", clicking the thumb will lead to a post with a slider of images attached to that post. I think is easier to keep images attached to posts and them sort out WP contexts such categories, posts, tags etc instead deal with files. –  Diana Jun 15 '12 at 19:21

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