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Is there a way to query a WP site to see the number of updates currently available? I'm not really looking for a list of the actual updates, just the number. This would be the total number of Plugin/Theme/Core updates, like it is listed in the WP admin menu.

I manage multiple WP sites across multiple servers and would like an easier way of knowing when updates are available, rather than checking them individually.

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You can use the http://managewp.com/ to maage all your sites from one dashboard.

From site

ManageWP helps you manage all your WordPress sites from one location, keeping them updated and secure.

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Take a look into wp-admin/includes/update.php file. There you can see get_core_updates(), get_plugin_updates() and get_theme_updates() functions. Eeach function returns array of required updates. So you need just summarize counts of these arrays:

$total_updates = count( get_core_updates() ) + count( get_plugin_updates() ) + count( get_theme_updates() );
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I like this idea but, given the require functions/includes/credentials, I would likely have to include this directly in update.php right? Which would then be overwritten if the the core is updated. – Batfan Jun 8 '12 at 17:58

Check out wpremote.com as well. I don't think it has as many features as ManageWP, but it's free.

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Good suggestion but, I'm not really crazy about the idea of entering the WP logins on a 3rd party site. – Batfan Jun 8 '12 at 17:59

Your best bet is a 3rd party service that will aggregate all your sites' update status and several have been mentioned already.

There is another one that's free also, http://worpit.com that gives you full view on your updates across all your sites.

Hope that helps give you some other options.

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Old question but, I wanted to post this here for reference, since I never accepted an answer.

This functionality is now easily achieved using the Jetpack centralized dashboard. You can administer updates to all your connected WP sites.


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